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How I celebrated my birthday as an influencer: A Spectacular Night in London and Many Surprises


Stepping into my 24th year, I am filled with immense gratitude for the incredible journey I’ve had as an influencer. Sharing my life and work with all of you has been a source of joy and inspiration. Today, I invite you to relive the vibrant celebration of my birthday in the heart of London, where I was showered with delightful surprises and laughter-filled moments, alongside the immense generosity of amazing brands.

a free birthday cake

Among the enchanting surprises that graced my birthday was a delectable creation from @tambztreats, a talented baker hailing from the heart of Brixton, London. The moment I laid eyes on the intricately designed cake, I was captivated by its sheer artistry. Layers of moist sponge were adorned with the finest frosting, showcasing craftsmanship that reflected Tambz Treats’ passion for baking. Each delicate detail was a testament to her creativity, making the cake not just a dessert but a masterpiece that told a story.


With every forkful, the cake unfolded a symphony of flavors, blending harmoniously with my taste buds. From the rich, velvety chocolate to the subtle hints of vanilla, each bite was a culinary adventure, leaving me craving more. It wasn’t just a dessert; it was an experience—a celebration of taste, texture, and artistry.

What made this confection all the more special was the heartwarming kindness of Tambz Treats. The gesture of gifting me this extraordinary cake for my birthday was more than just a transaction; it was a heartfelt connection between creators. It showcased the spirit of collaboration and camaraderie that often defines the influencer community. Tambz Treats not only crafted a cake that was visually stunning but also delivered it promptly, ensuring it arrived in perfect condition, ready to enchant not just my taste buds but also my Instagram feed.

A special date night to celebrate

As an influencer, my journey often leads me to extraordinary experiences, and my birthday celebration at the Boat Show Comedy Club was nothing short of magical. Nestled on the Thames near Westminster, the venue’s lively ambiance heightened the excitement in the air. From the moment we stepped aboard, the staff welcomed us with open arms, treating us not just as guests but as cherished members of their extended family. The evening was an intoxicating blend of hilarity and camaraderie, with the comedians at the Boat Show Comedy Club masterfully crafting an atmosphere of pure joy.

The highlight of the night, aside from the contagious laughter, was the genuine warmth exuded by the staff. In addition to the impeccable service, they presented me with a personalized birthday card, each word handwritten with care, a testament to their thoughtful approach. The complimentary glass of prosecco sparkled under the stage lights, a symbol of their generosity and a perfect accompaniment to the evening’s festivities. As the comedians took the stage, my boyfriend and I found ourselves drawn into a world of humor and wit, a world where every punchline resonated deeply, filling the boat with the sound of genuine, unbridled laughter.

Generous PR packages

The surprises of my birthday continued each package containing a new delight. Marbella Glow TAN, renowned for their luxurious tanning products, gifted me a box with three bottles, each offering a different shade of their premium fake tan. This gesture wasn’t merely a gift; it was a reminder of the beauty industry’s ability to empower, encouraging confidence and self-expression. Marbella Glow TAN’s products became more than cosmetics; they embodied the positive influence influencers wield, fostering self-love and acceptance.

Another delightful surprise arrived in the form of a carry-on backpack from Simply Carry On. This stylish accessory was not just a bag; it was an embodiment of elegant and effortless travel. Its sleek design and thoughtful compartments resonated with my love for exploration. I envisioned packing it for my upcoming staycation in the Cotswolds, the anticipation of the trip adding an extra layer of excitement to this thoughtful gift.

Adding a vibrant touch to my days, a colorful box from This Is Gel arrived, filled with an array of gel nail polishes. Each shade represented a new possibility for creative expression. These weren’t just nail polishes; they were artistic mediums, inviting me to explore and showcase my creativity. This Is Gel’s generosity reaffirmed the influential bond between creators and innovative brands, where creativity met quality to inspire and delight.

These gifts transcended mere material possessions; they were opportunities to inspire. As an influencer, these surprises were not just personal joys but also chances to curate experiences that uplifted and enriched my audience. Each product reinforced the profound connection between influencers, brands, and their followers. It was a beautiful reminder that the influencer journey was about more than products; it was about the emotions and stories shared, weaving together a tapestry of inspiration for everyone on this remarkable journey.

lucky influencer

My 24th birthday in London was a magical blend of laughter, sweetness, and incredible surprises, thanks to the kindness of people and the generosity of these amazing brands. As I embark on another year of adventures and discoveries, I carry these cherished memories with me, fueled by gratitude for the beautiful moments and the incredible journey that lies ahead. Thank you for being a part of my life, and here’s to the many more exciting chapters we’ll share together.

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